The contact lens research team of Walailak University published four international research article

April 20th, 2022


The contact lens research team
The SMD contact lens research team.

The contact lens research team of Walailak University has studied the characteristics of contact lens use by wearers in the Southern region of Thailand. The study aimed to gain more knowledge regarding the proper hygiene practices of contact lens wear and care, inform the user about the safety and prevention of complications from common contact lens-related eye infections, and study the risk behaviors related to the presence of pathologic bacteria on the contact lens surface and its storage case. Recently, researchers revealed the results of using video media for health education to suggest how to do the proper self-wear and care during the COVID-19 epidemic, which influences public health and contact lens use behaviors. It may encounter the wearer limitations to travel outside to seek professional advice from Ophthalmologists or healthcare professionals. The findings obtained from these studies were published in four international academic journals from 2021 -to 2022, and the research data were extended to the community, such as schools, vocational colleges, universities in the Southern, and the ophthalmology clinic at Walailak University Hospital through field visits, social media, and survey questionnaires. The research team consisted of ophthalmologists, internal medicine physicians, and professors from the School of Medicine.


Research list

1. Influence of Contact Lens Materials and Cleaning Procedures on Bacterial Adhesion and Biofilm Formation (
2. Bacterial microbiota of the contact lens surface and associated care behaviors (
3. Rub and rinse contact lenses before wearing as a protective regimen against contact lens-related eye infections (
4. Effectiveness of an online educational video intervention to improve the knowledge and behavior of contact lens care during the COVID-19 pandemic: a pre-test/post-test design