Teaching and learning management in the Department of Applied Thai traditional medicine, School of Medicine, Walailak University in the academic year 2022

June 22th, 2022


The branch has the readiness to provide teaching such as availability of classrooms and teaching materials, as well as guidelines and preventive measures for teaching and learning management that support students who come to study on-site for the academic year 2022, which is considered a 100 percent on-site learning for the first time since the COVID-19 situation. Once a student is found to be infected with COVID-19, our lecturers are willing to assist and continuously monitor the students by sending students to Walailak University Hospital for screening or treatment. In the case of the student, who is infected and needs to be quarantined. You can study in a hybrid format or teach online alongside your friends, or compensation teaching in some subjects.

However, students and parents may have concerns about teaching and learning. You can get in touch with individual student advisers or in the branch of applied Thai traditional medicine School of Medicine at Walailak University.