Bachelor’s degree


                School of Medicine (SMD), Walailak University (WU)


                Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Curriculum structure

                Year 1-3: Preclinical system-based learning and practice at WU

                Year 4-5: Clinical learning and practice at WU hospital center

                Year 6: Externship and transition to postgraduate practice at WU hospital center and other tertiary care center

Curriculum information

                This is trimester system curriculum and there is six years full time professional degree course to complete the curriculum. The curriculum is divided into three sections: Preclinical system-based learning and practice (3 years), Clinical learning and practice (2 years) and final clinical year as Externship. Aims of this course is the student graduates from SMD WU will be committed to desire qualification of graduate include:

  • Professional habit, attitude, moral and ethics
  • Professional Knowledge and Skills Critical Thinking
  • Clinical Reasoning and Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Holistic Approach
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Self Directed Learning and Continuous Professional Development
  • Integration of Information Technology
  • Leadership, Global citizen and Team Work
  • Life and Social Skills

Fees and charges

                Administration fee 400,000 baht per trimester (total 1,200,000 baht per academic year) for international students.