Degree name: Master of Science (Medical Science)

This program aims to produce graduates equipped with scientific knowledge in the field of medical science, able and experienced in in conducting research in the field. The program also focuses on the understanding of innovation and practical application of new medical science knowledge for community and the society.


  • Bachelor degree graduates or equivalent in medical science or related fields
    • GPAX ≥ 2.50
    • Related subjects GPA ≥ 2.75
  • Applicants with work experience in related field (work experience certificate required) or experience in research are subjected to apply to program A1 and others to apply to program A2
Program A1 A2
Criteria ≥ 2 years experience Others
  Credits Credits
Compulsory 0 8
Seminar (not counted as credits) 4 4
Elective 0 16
Thesis 48 24
Total 48 48