Message from the Dean







          This 2018 is the successful beginning of the second decade of the School of Medicine, Walailak University, which would be proud as a leading regional medical institution in the upper South. It is also the opening of the academic year for 11th-generation medical students to officially welcome them to our family of medical school. Over the past decade, I would like to express my appreciation and thank all staff and teachers for their functional divisional performance, and dedication, and for all, they have done to develop our medical school at various points and to push the school toward its goals of international standards and academic excellence. Our resolution is to produce the graduate M.D. with attributes of a well-informed, moralist, and dependable one in the community, so that is the main ambition and the pride of our medical school. Nowadays, those medical students have graduated from generation to generation on behalf of our school representatives, then got out to serve the people and can be trusted as leading medical personnel. Moreover, they are working in important roles to drive and develop the public health system in many parts of the community, provincial, and national levels, with their features that have been cultivated to be humble and always reasonably practicable.

        At the beginning of this new decade, the School of Medicine has an important mission to push more potential of our schooling into the line that can be supported by the vision of Walailak University that “Being the community-minded, and striving for international recognition for excellence” by establishing the M.D. international program (New curriculum, 2019). This is to expand the opportunities for MDs to have more special advantage of language skills and get more exclusive experiences of medical practices (electives). Firstly, we have done the Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) with Toho University, Japan, and the University of Otago, New Zealand. So, that will provide more benefits from the cooperation between our school and the leading international medical organizations. Additionally, it also serves as a response to the government policy that has given top priority to the promotion of medical care and wellness to push Thailand into a global medical hub, which brings patients from various countries around the world. It is therefore essential to encourage our MDs to be internationally competent people and to reinforce the potentiality of the School of Medicine as well.


Associate Professor Doctor Charun Bunyakan

Acting Dean of the School of Medicine, Walailak University